June 13


Cats – What is a cat?
Cats are a type of animal. They are small and skinny,but some aren’t so skinny.

Lifestyle of a Cat
All cats have a lifestyle an average cat just sleeps, eats, purr’s and plays, but also drinks. They basically do that everyday the only thing they don’t do all day is HISS.

Types of Cats
There are all different types of cats like a Tabby cat which is strippy and orange, Munchkin cats are chubby, but also fluffy, Snowshoe cats paws feet are black and there body is white, they are also skinny.

Illnesses only cat’s get

Illnesses only cats might get are Cardiomyopathy, Kidney diseases, Hyperthyroidism, but not all of them are illnesses get but these are all the ones that cats get.

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